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Dixon Advisory USA is the manager of the US Masters Residential Property (USA) Fund (US Masters or Fund), a residential Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) operating in the New York metropolitan area. US Masters is one of the new breed of REIT investors focusing on single-family houses (up to four dwellings) for acquisition, renovation and rental. As part of a growing $18 billion sector, US Masters is the only fund with the primary focus of acquiring single – family residential properties in the New York metropolitan area.

US Masters also forms the first Australian-listed property trust with a primary strategy of investing in direct US residential property. In addition to its focus on freestanding single-family houses, the Fund invests in small to mid-sized apartment buildings in joint ventures with key players in the local market. The Fund has total assets of approximately US$900 million, owns approximately 655 houses and 16 apartment complexes representing more than 1,700 rental units in the New York metropolitan area, and is actively committed to expanding the portfolio.

Dixon Advisory USA is headquartered in the heart of Manhattan’s thriving financial district. Employing a skilled team of over 150 dynamic real estate, construction and finance professionals, Dixon Advisory USA and its subsidiaries, Dixon Leasing (premium rentals) and Dixon Projects (construction/renovation), are at the forefront of this exciting new investment sector. Dixon Advisory USA is vertically integrated, managing the Fund end-to-end – from the acquisition process to asset rehabilitation, through to leasing and tenant management.

Dixon Advisory USA is the U.S. division of Dixon Advisory & Superannuation Services Limited (Dixon Advisory) one of Australia’s preeminent family and employee-owned financial advisory firms. Providing a broad array of services ranging from individualized investment advice to self-managed super fund administration, Dixon Advisory employs more than 300 individuals and manages a combined asset base in excess of AUD$5 billion.

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Our focus is not only to invest in property but also to invest in the betterment of local neighborhoods and communities. Our efforts result in robust returns for investors, premium living conditions and exceptional service for our tenants and strong economic assets for communities

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