Alexander Nelson

ALEXANDER NELSON | Marketing Manager

As a Marketing Manager with Dixon Advisory, Alexander engages in day-to-day operations including: property listings, copy writing and brand development. With a concentrated focus on analytics, Alexander tracks multiple digital platforms, breaking down numerical information to assess performance and identify new opportunities.

During Alexander’s tenure, he has successfully created a comprehensive analytics archive, assisted in the branding of Dixon Projects, and facilitated the workflows of his teammates. Alexander developed his expertise from working as a Marketing Coordinator and Proofreader at the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University, while also working in the Press Office for the Mayor of Philadelphia. These experiences prepared Alexander through the refinement of necessary skills such as, market research, proofreading and writing intensive work.

“I love what I do at Dixon because I get to wear so many hats. The marketing team does work for all Dixon subsidiaries, so every day is exciting; bringing new challenges and fulfilling results.”

Alexander received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with a specialization in Public Relations from Rutgers University. There, he contributed to the School of Communication & Information by volunteering his time as a tutor and working as an editor on academic textbooks. In his spare time, Alexander enjoys cooking, watching movies and playing basketball with his friends.