Alix James

ALIX JAMES | In-House Counsel

Alix, acting as Dixon Advisory’s In-House Counsel, manages corporate legal matters and works closely with Dixon Projects on obtaining construction and land use approvals. During her time with Dixon, Alix has lead the effort to improve relationships, knowledge and outcomes for development approvals, while also crafting a special expertise for matters under consideration before historic preservation agencies and community groups. Alix joined Dixon after serving as its outside counsel, and she brings with her a decade of experience working in a law firm, the government, start-up ventures and politics.

While attending law school, Alix worked in the Constitutional Litigation Clinic on congressional redistricting and voter protection issues, where she was awarded the Mark J. Lopez Civil Liberties Award and the Frank and Marilyn Askin Award for Excellence in Clinical Studies. Alix remains involved in civic activities, serving as Co-Counsel to the New Jersey Women’s Political Caucus.

A graduate of Vanderbilt University and Rutgers University School of Law, Alix hails from the great state of Colorado and wishes New York had better skiing conditions. Alix enjoys hiking, craft beer and culinary travels in her spare time.