Andres Feliz
ANDRES FELIZ | Office Administrator

Andres Feliz is an Office Administrator for Dixon Advisory USA. His primary function is to provide exemplary service to any and all guests of the establishment, including answering and directing calls as well as ensuring office operational services are exceptional at all times. Andres brings world-class service with efficiency, class and an irreverent charm that enhances the already welcoming atmosphere, guaranteeing clients the best possible experience.

“My experience at Dixon Advisory USA has been unlike any other place I’ve seen before! The people, the culture, the environment, all beautiful! They motivate me to be the best that I can be. There is so much room for growth, in any direction that I want. Dixon Advisory taught me the importance of liking what I do, and loving the environment I do it in.”

Andres comes from a vastly diverse work background. Said background includes management, customer service and operations in a plethora of locations ranging from banks, health and wellness centers, as well as retail. This assorted experience, in combination with an education in the field of Human Resource Management from The New York City College of Technology, lays the foundation for a Steady and continual growth Within the Company. In his spare time, Andres loves to take his daughter to parks and museums, trying new restaurants, and working out at the gym with friends.