Director, Architectural Design

ANDREW URBANY | Director, Architectural Design

Andy is the Director of Architectural Design, who oversees the architecture and design of projects within the Dixon portfolio. He places a special emphasis on attention to detail and execution of construction in order to create a truly unique, positive experience for each tenant. Andy believes that good design is good business and uses this as a guide when making design decisions.

“The function and aesthetic of each project should have a positive impact on tenants’ lives and must be well thought out prior to construction. Each projects’ layout and finishes have the opportunity to bring more value to Dixon’s diverse portfolio.”

Andy’s previous work experience includes commercial and hospitality projects in Southern China, as well as high-end residential work in New York City, Long Island and Kentucky.

Andy is a registered architect in the state of New York and holds a Professional Degree in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame, as well as an MSRED from New York University. While at Notre Dame, Andy studied classical architecture and its merits for contemporary design and construction techniques. In his spare time, Andy likes to play soccer, travel with his wife, Jess, and explore the city’s neighborhoods and parks.