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Selling your house is stressful and full of questions.
What happens if your buyers back out? What if they can’t sell their home in time to close the deal? What if a home inspection reveals a costly problem?

No matter why you want to sell your home, US Masters Residential Property Fund is a sure bet. We eliminate uncertainty by dealing directly with you—no realtors, no banks, and no messy financing nightmares. We pay market value in cash; close quickly (usually less than 30 days); and never collect commission. So, you’ll save money. We’re sure of it.

Don’t leave selling your home to chance.
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Meet our Acquisition Management Team


Executive Director

As Executive Director and New Jersey Broker of Record, Zeke brings over 14 years of experience in Hudson County Real Estate to the US Masters Residential Property Fund. Throughout his career, Zeke has completed over $200 million of property transactions and 1000 appraisals of New Jersey Properties.

Zeke’s contributions to the organization are innumerable. He is responsible for the coordination and management of the acquisition and evaluation teams, ensuring a streamlined process for the identification, evaluation and acquisition of real estate for the Fund. Zeke has worked tirelessly to provide consistent and dependable methodology for the Acquisition team to achieve the highest quality results on a timely basis.

Additionally, Zeke has been vital to the growth and success of Dixon Projects. His leadership and expertise in residential client needs have been invaluable in determining the best renovation strategies to reinvigorate properties between tenants. Zeke is a mentor to his team of project and assistant project managers and regularly coaches peers to maximize their potential.

Before joining the Fund, Zeke held positions across valuations, sales, brokerage and construction. In his free time, Zeke enjoys playing golf, working out, and watching football.



As Director of Acquisitions, Eric is responsible for identifying, analyzing and acquiring prospective investments for the US Masters Residential Property Fund. Since joining, Eric has played a key role in acquiring nearly 650 properties and evaluating over 5,000 properties throughout Hudson County, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens for the Fund.

Eric has extensive experience in residential property analysis and is passionate about developing a long-term career in real estate. Before joining the US Master Residential Fund, Eric worked with the acquisition team at ATCO, a NY-based property firm. Eric graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Real Estate. He spends his weekends volunteering at Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City.


Senior Acquisitions Manager

A four-year member of the URF Team, Matthew Lusky is a Senior Acquisitions Manager with more than ten years of real estate experience as a trusted and reliable property expert in the New York Metropolitan area. During his career, Matt has evaluated more than 1,500 unique properties and has negotiated more than $150 million in deals for the US Master Residential Fund throughout New York and New Jersey. Matthew is a Licensed Real Estate Agent in New Jersey and holds a BS from Cornell University.

Matthew is passionate about the preservation of historic homes and neighborhoods and is an active member of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Real Estate Board. Matt has developed an extensive network of professional contacts and loves creating mutually beneficial agreements when he helps homeowners make important real estate decisions. Let Matthew use his expertise and contacts to help you get the best deal for your home today.


Senior Acquisitions Manager

Jameel is an experienced Senior Manager with the US Masters Residential Fund, bringing more than eight years of experience in the Hudson County and New York real estate markets. Jameel has been integral in the Fund’s success, previously serving as Acquisition Manager, Project Manager, and most recently, Senior Manager. Since joining the Fund, Jameel has successfully negotiated more than $30 million in real estate acquisitions.

Jameel is well-versed in the needs of first time homeowners, sellers, tenants, and landlords as well as both private & commercial investors. His knowledge of metropolitan markets has allowed him to support his clients in making lucrative, well-informed real estate decisions. Jameel has spent his career ensuring that all parties benefit from his work and expertise—Let him help you earn top-dollar for your home, today.

Jordan Cherson


Acquisitions Manager

As an Acquisition Manager and Leasing Manager with Dixon Advisory, Jordan shares his expertise in acquisition, highest and best-use analysis, floor plan design, leasing, reporting and disposition. Jordan has been passionate about real estate his whole life and entered the business early, starting on the property management side in his teens and later working up to affordable housing development in NYC.

Always up to date on market trends, Jordan believes in empowering clients with knowledge and honest guidance. Jordan sees the world through the clients’ eyes, allowing him to identify opportunities to increase profitability, and move forward smoothly with solutions for each client’s unique goals.