Chris Narine

CHRIS NARINE | Senior Graphic Designer

As a Senior Graphic Designer, Chris creates dynamic graphics on both the digital and traditional front to drive brand awareness and maximize visual impact. Chris lends his diverse design skills to Dixon Advisory, Dixon Leasing, Dixon Projects, and Pure Properties.

“At Dixon, I’m allowed to be both a designer and a storyteller. Working with the Marketing team, we are able to tell the stories of the homes and the people at Dixon through graphics and words.”

Chris developed his expertise from working with Miskowski Design and Videohelper. In his previous positions, Chris has been able to work with a wide array of clients and has designed everything from business cards to billboards.

Chris believes that a good designer must keep his creativity fresh and sharp. He has been able to do this by keeping up with design trends, observing design in his everyday life and keeping an open mind to new ideas and styles.

Chris received his Bachelors of Arts in Digital Design from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has also earned the Honor’s College Scholarship and successfully raised funding to print a comic book he created which clearly demonstrates he is blend of geeky and nerdy (yes, there is a difference). In his spare time, Chris enjoys drawing, telling Eleanor she’s “literally the perfect dog,” and watching movies.