Christian Grapel

CHRISTIAN GRAPEL | Director, Project Management

Christian Grapel joined the Dixon Projects team after graduating with honors from Stevens Institute of Technology. As one of our project managers, Christian oversaw projects of all sizes and scopes for successful and timely delivery to clients. Christian’s big-picture approach enabled him to identify, manage and eliminate financial and schedule risk on every project that he oversaw.

During his time as a project manager, Christian individually managed and delivered on $28 million in project scope. Through his experiences at Dixon Projects, Christian has not only cultivated significant construction management experience, but has also accelerated his drive to deliver on clients’ expectations.

In his current role as Director, Project Management, Christian is working to impart the same values to the entire Dixon Projects Team and lead project managers from the front lines. Christian focuses on leading the team and all projects to success with an emphasis on managing internal and external resources. Christian believes the preservation of strong working relationships with staff, consultants and subcontractors helps ensure smooth and consistent project execution.

In his spare time, Christian enjoys exploring New York City’s hidden gems and seeking out the best restaurants and bars the city has to offer.