Damaris Gonzalez

DAMARIS GONZALEZ | Security & Inspections Assistant

As Security & Inspections Assistant with Dixon Leasing, Damaris handles all scheduling for property inspections and assists in the overall workflow of the Security department. Every day, Damaris ensures that inspectors meet their requirements and complete routes through their assigned locations.

During Damaris’ tenure, she has successfully worked her way up to a role on the Security & Inspections team. Damaris developed her expertise from previously working with the Office Management team at Dixon. Through this role, she learned the inner-workings of the company while assisting on a number of projects for a number of teams including, Leasing, Finance, Architecture, Acquisitions and Legal.

“Assisting fellow employees and high-end clients that visit the office has provided me with the necessary skills to achieve great results. I’ve always enjoyed the unique ability to lend a helping hand.”

Prior to beginning with Dixon, Damaris worked for Century 21 Department Store. She began as a Purchasing Analyst and in just four months, was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Chief Logistics Officer. During her time at Century 21, Damaris facilitated a variety of business operations and interacted with buyers, vendors, and store managers at every location. In her spare time, Damaris enjoys being a mom to her beautiful one-year-old daughter.