Daniil Tcharnyi

DANIIL TCHARNYI | Leasing Manager

As a Leasing Manager with Dixon Leasing, Dan strives to serve as a reliable resource for any client searching for the best from the New York metro area’s preeminent real estate market. Dan develops lasting relationships with his clients by focusing on their individual long-term goals and empowering them to overcome the complexities of finding an ideal home based on their unique lifestyles.

Prior to joining Dixon, Dan was an active Realtor and commercial property investor. He joins the Leasing team with more than half a decade of experience in both landlord and tenant issues. Dan prides himself on being able to approach any challenge from both perspectives before brokering the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.

Dan is a licensed Realtor in New York State and holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Southern California. In his spare time, Dan enjoys traveling and learning from the best of the world.