Dylan McMahon

DYLAN MCMAHON | Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Dylan oversees property renovations to make sure jobs are done on time and on budget. During Dylan’s tenure, he has surveyed a third of the portfolio while working closely with both the Procurement and Property Management teams. Dylan has successfully renovated over 100 units thus far.

“My favorite part of construction is seeing the space completely demolished for the first time. It’s like a blank canvas. You see all the planning you had previously done on paper finally start coming to life.”

Dylan believes problem-solving is the most important skill for a Project Manager. No matter how small the job, there will always be an issue to solve. Dylan developed his expertise working on townhome renovations in Washington D.C. after graduating with his Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the Catholic University of America.

Prior to joining the Dixon Projects team, Dylan held internships in Newark and Morristown, New Jersey. Dylan’s tenure as an intern draftsman gave him a solid foundation in the technical aspects of construction while post-graduate on-site work helped teach him how to manage both a construction site and the many workers involved in every project. “I joined Dixon because they provided the opportunity to combine both skills while teaching me new ones like price negotiation.”