Ezequiel Ortiz

EZEQUIEL ORTIZ | Executive Director

As Executive Director and New Jersey Broker of Record, Zeke brings over 15 years of experience in Hudson County Real Estate to the US Masters Residential Property Fund. Throughout his career, Zeke has completed over $200 million of property transactions and 1000 appraisals of New Jersey Properties.

Zeke’s contributions to the organization are innumerable. He is responsible for the coordination and management of the acquisition and evaluation teams, ensuring a streamlined process for the identification, evaluation and acquisition of real estate for the Fund. Zeke has worked tirelessly to provide consistent and dependable methodology for the Acquisition team to achieve the highest quality results on a timely basis.

Additionally, Zeke has been vital to the growth and success of Dixon Projects. His leadership and expertise in residential client needs have been invaluable in determining the best renovation strategies to reinvigorate properties between tenants. Zeke is a mentor to his team of project and assistant project managers and regularly coaches peers to maximize their potential.

Before joining the Fund, Zeke held positions across valuations, sales, brokerage and construction. In his free time, Zeke enjoys playing golf, working out, and watching football.