Gary Fleyshman

GARY FLEYSHMAN | Senior Project Manager

As Senior Project Manager, Gary deals with contractors, property acquisitions and renovation budgets across various projects. Typically working on five to twenty projects at a time, Gary manages requests and communications between Property Managers, Leasing Managers and other Project Managers to coordinate contractors, work requests and inspections throughout a tenant’s lease, ensuring needs and expectations are promptly met. Gary also supports Pure Properties, Dixon’s real estate subsidiary with pre-sale repairs.

“Dixon’s rapid growth is its greatest achievement. The company grows and I grow with them. I’d love to see Dixon enter markets in other states in the future.”

After moving to the States from Moldova in 1992, Gary worked as a maintenance manager for several residential development companies in New Jersey. Later, he would go on to become a contractor and start his own construction business focused on minor renovations. These varied roles polished Gary’s skills in monitoring, directing and controlling daily construction and maintenance operations allowing him to work efficiently under pressure and seamlessly with key service providers. In addition to his broad skillset, Gary is multi-lingual, allowing for stronger communication with various contractors and more successful negotiations on project and labor costs.

In his spare time, Gary enjoys drawing and riding Motocross bikes with his daughter, and playing his favorite sport, soccer, as many times a week as possible.