Grace Solazzo

GRACE SOLAZZO | People & Culture Coordinator

As a People and Culture Coordinator with Dixon Advisory, Grace serves as a helping hand when it comes to tackling any challenges that the People and Culture department may face, as well as maintaining everyday procedures to ensure things run smoothly.

During Grace’s tenure, she has successfully welcomed new joiners by walking them through the onboarding process upon their arrival at Dixon, and has also developed well-maintained and detailed spreadsheets to help the company better recruit potential employees.

“Being in a position where I am constantly working with other people and having the opportunity to help them is something that I find to be so rewarding. I look forward to each new day at Dixon and overcoming any challenges that may come my way.”

Grace developed her expertise from working with the Town of Hempstead Aquatics Department, where she served as a key part of several processes such as the recruitment and training of new employees, and also managed teams, working one on one with staff members as a means to groom them to their full potential. Grace also worked at Independent Equipment Corporation, where she gained invaluable administrative support experience, which has helped her refine certain skills such as maintaining precise attention to detail and multitasking.

Grace received a dual degree in Business Management and Psychology from Siena College. Grace is also a member of several honor societies such as the Delta Epsilon Sigma Honor Society and the Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society.

In her spare time, Grace loves to travel, read, experiment with new recipes and spend time with her friends and family.