Jacqueline Brand | Assistant Project Manager

Jackie Brand is an Assistant Project Manager with Dixon Projects. In this role, Jackie works alongside Project Managers to oversee the lifecycle of construction for variously sized residential properties, from start to finish. She ensures that projects are carried out in a timely manner, on budget, and most importantly, follows the client’s vision. With these goals, she looks to continue the growth and success of the Dixon Projects Team.

Jackie received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Lehigh University. She focused on assessing the inputs and outputs, people, time, and other resources in order to improve and optimize processes. As a result, Jackie refined her problem-solving and analytical skills to find ways to enhance processes to be efficient, better, and affordable.

Jackie has developed a passion for real estate and construction. From an early age she has been exposed to the industry, and was always excited to one day manage her own property renovation. Jackie is excited to apply the skills and knowledge she has gained from her university coursework towards construction projects in order to ensure the best processes for maximum results.

In her spare time, Jackie enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and participating in a variety of outdoor activities.