Jancer Guzman

JANCER GUZMAN | Senior Leasing Manager

Jancer is passionate about his role as Senior Leasing Manager for Dixon Leasing, dedicating all of his time to delivering a personalized approach to every client and ensuring they find the right apartment, every time.

Jancer’s extensive knowledge of Jersey City has been invaluable to the team, enlightening prospective tenants about the different parks, stores, and neighborhoods Jersey City has to offer.

“During our journey of finding the right apartment for you, a smile is all I expect!”

When not at work, Jancer spends most of his time with friends and family. An avid baseball fan, Jancer is passionate about the sport and has played ever since he was nine. This led him to play at Yankee Stadium just when he was 15 years old, one of his most exciting memories to date.