Josh Carney

JOSH CARNEY | Director, Private Client Services

As the Director, Private Client Services Josh leads the Private Client team and spearheads the business development, sales and growth of this client-focused service. Josh is responsible for seeking out new investment opportunities for clients and helping them to achieve their real estate investment objectives. This includes direct New York City real estate investment, and investment-focused design, architecture & renovation strategies in both New York and Australia.

Prior to creating and growing the Dixon Advisory Private Client team, Josh cultivated, led and built Dixon Leasing, the leasing and property management arm of Dixon Advisory USA responsible for the US Masters Residential Property Fund. With more than 12 years New York City real estate experience, working for various real estate investment and development companies, as well as multiple family offices, he is well positioned to drive client value and create win-win solutions.

An expert negotiator, Josh has close to 20 years real estate experience and $1Bn in sales, rentals and new development transactions in both residential and commercial capacities. He has end-to-end real estate experience, and is ultimately motivated to help people live a more fulfilling life by maximizing their real estate performance.