josh symonds

JOSH SYMONDS | Senior Accountant

Josh Symonds is a Senior Accountant with Dixon Projects. In this role, Josh prepares internal and external reporting documents; liaises with project managers, vendors, and trade contractors regarding payments; assists in developing financial controls and procedures; and contributes to Dixon Projects’ annual external audit and general insurance audit preparation.

Previously, Josh worked at Dixon Advisory Australia in Melbourne providing services to more than one hundred unique clients. During Josh’s tenure, he successfully refined his interpersonal skills and developed a sharp sense of dedication to achieving results.

“It’s a bit of a different type of challenge over here. I get to experience the actual finished product. I’m seeing how Dixon runs and I’m able to be a part of big decision-making every day.”

Josh received his Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Melbourne. He actively participates in volunteer work for New York Cares and has a passion for assisting others. His aim is to further gain personal finance expertise and knowledge of job readiness preparation.

His aim is to further gain personal finance expertise to eventually volunteer as a qualified financial counselor to those in need. In his spare time, Josh enjoys visiting museums and galleries, and exploring New York’s weird and wonderful sites.