kendel aurand

KENDEL AURAND | Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Kendel oversees the design and renovation of Dixon buildings from acquisition to leasing. From reviewing architectural drawings and coordinating with expediters to push projects through the department of buildings, to preparing scopes of work to bid out and preparing construction budgets, Kendel’s daily work includes a variety of tasks requiring a diverse skill set.

During Kendel’s tenure, she has successfully completed 15 properties as a Project Manager. Kendel developed her expertise from working as an Engineering Intern at both Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) and Skanska Koch. During her time at the DOT, she oversaw the installation of a box culvert which was used to redirect storm water more efficiently under a particular roadway. During her time at Skanska, Kendel worked on the Oculus Transportation Hub where they furnished and installed the steel framing. Many of the skills developed during her internships contributed to her seamless transition to Dixon Advisory.

“The most valuable skill for my position is managing people. Once you figure out how a particular person works, the rest is relatively easy.”

Kendel received her Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. Kendel also earned the John S. Morrison Scholarship which is a full academic scholarship awarded to students who will major in STEM programs and attend one of six qualifying schools (Carnegie-Mellon, Cornell, MIT, RPI, Stevens and Yale). She was also selected to partake in the Construction Industry Advancement Program after a series of interviews. CIAP is a non-profit trusteeship created to provide construction education, scholarships and research; improvement and standardization of public-sector contracts and technical specifications; and public relations and promotion of the industry within New Jersey.

In her spare time, Kendel enjoys traveling, playing guitar, yoga, craft beer tastings and spending time with her feline friends.