Laura Leichtman

LAURA LEICHTMAN | Architectural Historian

Laura Leichtman is an Architectural Historian with Dixon Advisory. In this role, Laura researches the histories of properties owned by the Fund to better understand their unique stories and untold value. Laura is also a major contributor in preparing necessary collateral for Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) applications, helping to expedite and strengthen Dixon’s ability to create stunning restorations within historic districts and on landmarked homes.

While at Dixon, Laura has researched over forty properties across Jersey City, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Laura developed her historic sleuthing abilities working on her undergraduate honors thesis about the theaters located on Shubert Alley. Laura was also a Research Assistant for Professor Carla Yanni at Rutgers University, where she contributed to the book Rutgers Since 1945: A History of the State University of New Jersey.

One of Laura’s favorite parts of her role is seeing how the demographics of a neighborhood have changed over time by reviewing census data to see how a house’s use and occupancy have changed over time. Without Laura, we may have never known about 29 Lincoln Place’s history, as the events that transpired there in 1873 caused the name of the street to be changed from Degraw Street to Lincoln Place.

Laura received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Mathematics from Rutgers University and was the recipient of the 2015 Bzdak Travel Award which offered her the opportunity to do art history research in Milan, Italy. In her spare time, Laura enjoys ice skating, playing violin and seeing the many shows New York City has to offer.