Matthew Lusky

MATTHEW LUSKY | Associate Director

As Associate Director, Matthew targets and evaluates optimal properties to purchase and add to the Fund’s growing portfolio. To date, Matthew has negotiated and purchased over $160M worth of property on behalf of Dixon Advisory. Matthew often leads property tours to help expose Australian clients to both US operations and several of the Fund’s beautiful properties. During these tours, Matthew and clients explore the many neighborhoods in which Dixon invests, sharing his expertise on the architectural history and development of each unique neighborhood, as well as potential trends for the future.

Additionally, Matthew coaches teammates across various departments on the importance of sound negotiation skills. Matthew works as the office representative for Scotwork Advanced Negotiation to refine peers’ negotiation skills through meetings and seminars.

Prior to joining Dixon Advisory, Matthew spent 15 years buying and selling real estate throughout Jersey City, specializing in the Greenville area. In this role, Matthew managed the construction on bank-owned properties before acting as the leasing agent and property manager. Through this experience, Matthew gained a plethora of real estate knowledge, helping him easily make his transition to Dixon Advisory.

“I love seeing a property for the first time and watching Dixon Projects transform it into a stunning final result. I feel very lucky to work at a fully-integrated company where I am a part of each stage of a home’s life cycle—from acquisition to leasing.”

Matthew received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys spending time with his two children exploring their Jersey City neighborhood.