PRISCILLA PORTER | Executive Director, Property Management

As Executive Director, Property Management, Priscilla brings over 17 years of experience in New York metro residential real estate management to the Fund. In this role, Priscilla uses her extensive experience managing all major property types including high-rise apartments, town homes and freestanding houses to effectively lead a team of nine professionals responsible for all aspects of property management within the Fund. Priscilla’s uncanny ability to seamlessly coordinate the many facets of property management while effectively distributing information throughout the organization is critical for her team and the effect it has on multiple other departments within Dixon Advisory USA. Needless to say, Priscilla excels at building positive, long-term relationships with not only her teammates, but also clients and vendors.

In addition to overseeing the Property Management team, Priscilla was the driving force behind the selection and implementation of a Dixon Security and Inspections Department. As the Fund’s portfolio grew, Priscilla keenly noted that a team would be required to oversee properties during vacancy. This team, led by Priscilla and Executive Director, Michael Perez, has since grown into an independent department that not only services Fund properties, but the unique needs of all departments within the organization.

Previously, Priscilla was responsible for managing a 1,500-unit apartment building complex in Queens, New York with over 55 staff. Over the years, Priscilla has been instrumental in implementing proven methods from her experience in large apartment buildings to the individual residential housing market. This has been crucial in achieving the Fund’s long-term property management goals.