Rich Clayton

RICH CLAYTON | Inspections Officer

Rich is an Inspections Officer with Dixon Leasing. In this role, Rich conducts on-site and move-out inspections in addition to meeting with tenants biannually to address any needs or concerns.

“I thoroughly enjoy the ability to work in the field and visit all of Dixon’s properties. I’m able to interact with a variety of clients and vendors every single day.”

During Rich’s tenure, he has successfully helped the Security and Inspections team to run in an efficient manner. Rich developed his expertise from working as a Police Officer for 26 years in Sparta Township, New Jersey. Rich also ran his own construction company, which is still thriving to this day. Because of Rich’s past expertise and law enforcement background, he has developed a strong eye for detail and serves as a great asset to the security division of Dixon.

Rich attended the County College of Morris where he received a certification in drafting and mechanical drawing. In 2003, he entered the police force with a concentrated focus on firearms training. As the Range Master and Field Training Officer, he mentored all officers entering the police force.  In 2007, Rich was awarded Police Officer of the Year.

In his spare time, Rich loves to spend time with his three children and volunteer in his current neighborhood of Bergen-Lafayette, Jersey City. Rich also enjoys running, biking, CrossFit and woodworking.