Shannon Butwill

SHANNON BUTWILL | Marketing Assistant

As a Marketing Assistant, Shannon lends her talents to all marketing procedures including property listings and audits, copywriting and social media initiatives. Shannon liaises with senior marketing team members and internal departments to ensure properties are listed accurately and on time. She is also solely responsible for interviewing fellow team members before writing Dixon’s weekly “Staff Spotlight” blog features.

Shannon has also taken ownership of the quarterly URF Fund Update, a critical update lodged on the Australian Stock Exchange for Fund investors. Shannon collects, organizes and lends her unique touch to content collected from team members to provide highlights about Dixon’s operational achievements and impressive data from the quarter past.

“Dixon has allowed me to collaborate with departments I never imagined myself working so closely with, on projects I never imagined myself working on. My ideas and opinions are heard and I’m given the freedom to run with them.”

Shannon developed her expertise working as a creative web and social media intern for Negative Inc., and as a digital media marketing volunteer for non-profit Fleece & Thank You. During her time with Negative, Shannon assisted in brand development, social marketing and event planning. While volunteering for Fleece & Thank You, Shannon conceptualized a marketing campaign to spread the organization’s mission and created bi-weekly newsletters to nourish volunteer and donor relationships.

Shannon received her Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Michigan State University where she was actively involved in MSU Stars for Make-A-Wish Foundation and VIM Magazine, a student-run fashion and lifestyle publication. Born and raised in Michigan, Shannon enjoys almost any outdoor activity. She spends her free time exploring her new home and its many wonderful bars and restaurants.