Stephanie Ng

STEPHANIE NG | Procurement Analyst

As a Procurement Analyst with Dixon Projects, Stephanie develops and maintains positive relationships with suppliers in order to initiate cost savings, as well as continuously deliver quality materials at the right time and at the best cost to maintain the high quality that Dixon clients love and expect.

“Being able to cut costs and overall inefficiencies as well as building and maintaining positive supplier relationships allows you to really make a positive impact to the company financials while maintaining quality standards in each Dixon renovation.”

Stephanie developed her expertise from working as an Operations Intern at Maiyet where she learned to facilitate the inventory management process which is crucial in understanding how to manage materials and the shipping process, as well as in learning how to prioritize the most important tasks. Stephanie developed her communication and teamwork skills while advancing her resourceful mindset during her experience as a Public Relations/Marketing Co-Chair in an organization known as Rutgers FeelGood. Through this experience, she established partnerships with other organizations for events by becoming a liaison for co-sponsors while staying within budget. These experiences gave her the opportunity to hone her time management, communication, cost-saving and relationship-building skills, all of which are necessary to the procurement function.

Stephanie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Supply Chain Management and Finance from Rutgers University. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys activities such as painting, drawing, photography, playing her ukulele, writing, running and playing tennis.