Tom Anderau

TOM ANDERAU | Graphic Designer

As a Graphic Designer, Tom creates print and digital media that help drive brand awareness and maximize visual impact. During Tom’s tenure, he has designed investor booklets, email newsletters, infographics, quarterly updates and much more collateral for Dixon Leasing, Pure Properties and Dixon Projects. Tom developed his design expertise from working with Nutrabolt; a large sports nutrition company, and Catch 24; a small design firm with a diverse range of clients. Through these various experiences, Tom has developed a keen sense of creative flexibility.

“I love being a designer in New York because it allows for me to work in many different office environments. I never knew that my skills could lead me to work at a place like Dixon, and it is thrilling to be their first in-house graphic designer.”

Tom received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design from Syracuse University. He also received Honorable Mention for Design Project Management with international client, Delphic Games. In his spare time, Tom enjoys playing video games, snowboarding, bowling and eating halal food.