Tom Durham

TOM DURHAM | Financial Controller of Dixon Projects

Tom is the Financial Controller of Dixon Projects. In this role, Tom is responsible for leading a team of motivated and talented accounting and supply chain management professionals who ensure contractors and suppliers are paid, customers are invoiced and construction materials are procured and delivered in a timely manner.

On the operational side, Tom oversees the smooth day-to-day operations of Dixon Projects by developing best practice frameworks, policies and internal controls. Tom is also responsible for the reporting, budgeting, forecasting and analyzing of construction projects to drive efficiencies and maximize shareholder returns for the US Masters Residential Fund.

Prior to Dixon Advisory, Tom worked for Deloitte in both Sydney and Amsterdam as an Audit Manager. During his tenure with Deloitte, US Masters was one of Tom’s clients. “I had previously come over to work with the Dixon USA team and knew working here was an exciting opportunity with great workplace culture.” Deloitte’s competitive environment constantly motivated Tom to learn new skills and engage in professional development.

In his early years, Tom was fortunate to be mentored by several hardworking and accomplished colleagues, which paved the path for Tom to assume a management role. Working as an Audit Manager in Amsterdam highlighted a number of similarities and differences in team dynamics and client services when working across different cultures and continents. Through these experiences around the world, Tom continued to refine his financial skills and was motivated to transition to his role at Dixon Advisory USA.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting from Macquarie University and has been a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants since 2011. While in Amsterdam, Tom developed a keen interest in cycling and has continued this pastime in New York.