We would like to offer you the services of our corporate travel agency, Reho Travel, which, under the umbrella of the
Dixon Advisory Group, can provide you with highly competitive fares to the seminar in May 2015. Reho Travel is a highly
visible, independent and progressive travel agency committed to the highest level of service excellence.

Vaughan Sexton, Senior Corporate Consultant at Reho Travel, is on standby to assist you with all aspects of your travel
arrangements including airfares, accommodation and transfers.

Should you wish to consult Reho Travel for your travel arrangements, please complete the Reho Travel Booking Form
and email or fax it to Vaughan. He will contact you to discuss your requirements and preferences.

Contact Details
Phone number: (02) 9900-6969
Email: [email protected]
Fax: (02) 9929-6413
Reho Travel’s website: