Valentina has been a property manager at Dixon since 2013 and is now the Associate Director of her team. Before entering the real estate and investment sector, Valentina used her Marketing degree from St. Thomas Aquinas College to found and run her own event marketing business in Minneapolis, where she spent two years cultivating the business before returning home.

Valentina is a tried and true New Yorker, born in Queens, and having lived in Flushing, Orange and Rockland Counties, Hackensack, NJ, and now The Bronx. Her intimate knowledge of the NY Metro Area drives her approach to her work, which is fueled by building strong interpersonal relationships with her clients through a mutual understanding of their communities.

“As a property manager at Dixon, I have the opportunity to help people live better, and helping people in such a pivotal way is truly rewarding work.”

When not in the office, Valentina enjoys traveling, especially to warm weather climates where the sun is strong and the water is warm. While not jet setting, Valentina keeps it simple; whether she’s taking a leisurely drive while singing along to 90s music; paying visits to her large and tight-knit family; or simply cuddling up to some nice Italian food while catching up on her shows.